From Sunday to Thursday we also offer four delicious dishes for those who want to have a piece of Brazil but do not feel like having a full-size buffet experience. You can still choose whatever you like from the buffé and we will bring the meat to you.

*contains only one serving from our awesome buffet.


Two chicken thighs marinated in a brilliant mix of beer, wine and herbs.


A plate of Brazilian sausage and chorizo ​​sausage made with our own recipe, as well as chicken thighs and a juicy chicken fillet wrapped in bacon.


250gr Picanha (Culotte, Rump steak, Queen of the beef). Our most popular cut from the sirloin; so juicy and flavorful that we only add salt.


300gr Rib Eye. An easy choice for those who love beef! Juicy and flavorful, only seasoned with salt. Roasted according to your taste (rare/medium/well done).

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