Make it easy – arrange your Julebord at Brasilia!

Julebord can be a tricky event to plan; some people want Christmas food, some want vegetarian, some are on a diet, and some have just realized they are allergic to gluten.

At Brasilia, everyone gets what they want!

And for those who are particularly fond of traditional dishes, you can order a Christmas Plate for only 150kr extra*! A lovely portion of ribs, lamb, potatoes and mashed swede, in addition to the Brasilia Buffet.

*Minimum 8 persons or more. Must be ordered at least one week before reservation.

Going to a show? You don’t have to walk far to get to our restaurant. We have a large, beautiful space for a total of 120 guests, right in the middle of Bergen City Centre! See for yourself with our 3D map:

Book your Julebord today!

We facilitate for big and small groups – all you have to do is fill out this form below, and we’ll get in touch with you to organize the rest.