Brasilia; Bergen’s only Brazilian restaurant!

We’ll serve you traditional churrasco, in the traditional Brazilian way.

Choose your own side dishes, sit down, and our gauchos will serve you the most delicious and succulent meat.

Brazil is closer than you think!

How it works

You choose your own side dishes from our diverse buffet. You will then receive a token from our waiters. When the token is green, meat will be served to you. If you need a break, simply turn the token over to the red side.

The History of Brazilian Churrasco

It started in the early 17th century, west in Rio Grande. Grazing sheep and cattle became important to the way of life for the inhabitants, as they gradually started to make roots and create their own societies. The meat was an important food source, and helped the ‘gauchos’, who were working with the livestock, to keep strong and healthy.

It was in this period that churrasco became what we know today – a pit with hot coal, with skewers of meat hanging over.

The recipe could not be easier: use salty meat with some fat – usually ribs – and fry it slowly on one side, then the other. And the result? Beautiful, tender meat with plenty of flavour!

  • Picanha (rump steak)

    Our most popular cut from the sirloin, seasoned only with sea salt. No allergens.
  • Rib-eye

    This cut is from the prime part of the rib eye. The beautiful marbling on the rib eye provides its superb flavor, seasoned only with sea salt. No allergens.
  • Alcatra (top sirloin)

    Our delectable, tender and flavorful cut from the top sirloin, seasoned only with sea salt. No allergens.